Workshops for children at Pszczelarium

Workshops for children at Pszczelarium


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We conduct workshops for children with enthusiasm and passion. We use high-quality educational materials, especially our own educational aids developed by us.

During the workshops at Pszczelarium, we start with a story about bees and their role, accompanied by:

  • A talk about the role of bees in the environment, including less obvious examples of pollination effects.
  • We provide tips on how to protect and help bees.
  • We discuss various bee products that can be seen and experienced.
  • We showcase the diversity of the bee world (different species) and what other types of bees look like.
  • We explore the structure of a bee using educational charts.
  • We examine selected elements from the world of bees under a microscope.

After the talk, we move on to practical activities :) At the beehives, we peek into a bee family where we have the opportunity to see live bees, the inside of a beehive, and what's happening on the combs: where the honey is, what the brood is, how to recognize different types of honeybees, and more. During the visit to the apiary, the beekeeper will share fascinating facts about the life of bees.

Kids participating in the apiary activities are kindly requested to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. It is advisable to avoid wearing flip-flops, sandals, fluffy pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. We will provide everyone with suitable beekeeping jackets with hoods or coveralls. The standard duration of the workshops is approximately 60 minutes. The maximum group size is around 22 people. For groups larger than 11 individuals, we create two subgroups that switch places after half an hour. For the well-being of the bees, we refrain from inspecting the hive when the temperature drops below 16°C.
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