Warsztaty for children at Pszczelarium - advanced group.

Warsztaty for children at Pszczelarium - advanced group.


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We would be happy to conduct advanced workshops that delve deeper into specific topics for groups that already have basic knowledge (e.g., have completed the standard workshop). Depending on the chosen theme, we can conduct advanced sessions at Pszczelarium.

Advanced workshops may cover selected topics such as:

  • How honey, pollen, bee bread, and beeswax are collected (workshop on bee product harvesting techniques).
  • The functioning of the queen bee, worker bees, drones, and whether bees have any free time (workshop on bee biology and hive dynamics).
  • Bee diseases and threats, with examples under the microscope, discussing the concerns about the declining bee populations and ways to help them (workshop on bee health and conservation).

Please note that the content and duration of these advanced workshops may vary depending on the chosen topic and the specific interests of the group. Feel free to contact us to discuss the details and customize the workshop according to your needs and preferences.

    Standard duration of the classes is approximately 45 minutes. The maximum group size is around 22 people. For groups larger than 11 participants, we divide them into two subgroups, which swap places after half an hour. Due to the well-being of the bees, we refrain from inspecting the hive when the temperature falls below 16°C.
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