Ludzie pracujący na zakładzie produkcyjnym zajmującym się przetwarzaniem miodu, w tym zbieranie nektaru, przetwarzanie go w miód, pakowanie i etykietowanie produktu gotowego

We have been creating urban beekeeping in Poland since 2013

Grupa ludzi uczestnicząca w wycieczce po zakładzie produkującym miód, obserwujących i uczestniczących w procesie zbierania miodu z uli.

We give bees new places to live in the city

Around the apiaries, we create educational and volunteer programs or conduct interesting workshops. We build interest in the life of bees, good honey and environmental protection. Every flower counts! Together, we help insects by taking care of urban greenery friendly to pollinators. We put apiaries where they have been missing so far. Honey bees in the city find favorable living conditions and effectively pollinate the surrounding plants. Honey from your hives then becomes a delicious souvenir or gift!

We bee the cities!

Kamil Baj: We started in 2013 as a small family business developing my hobby. From 1996, I helped my parents in the family apiary. Together with my wife, Agnieszka Skórska-Baj, we invented the Beekeeping Center. We set up the first city hives in 2014 in Warsaw, when the local law already allowed the breeding of honey bees in the city. More and more people began to learn about urban beekeeping. Soon Łukasz Przybył made contact with us and created the first Katowice apiary with us. Since then, we have managed to quit our jobs and bee, together with our wonderful team, not only in Warsaw but also in a dozen or so cities throughout Poland. If you want to join the team and develop urban beekeeping - you have at least several years of independent beekeeping experience and technical capabilities to run apiaries - you in cities where there is no Beekeeping Center yet… write or call us.

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We are pioneers in the market

We have over 20 years of beekeeping experience and the knowledge needed to safely run beehives in the city.

The development of beekeeping

Running an urban apiary is a responsible task. The well-thought-out location and professional service of the apiary ensure maximum safety for people and well-being for bees. The bees repay us with delicious honey with unusual flavors - obtained from unobvious locations - and we care about its quality, which means that we do not overheat it, and pour fresh honey into jars. We have received several awards, including Startup of Positive Impact awarded in the Ranking of Responsible Companies!

We have over 20 years of beekeeping experience and the knowledge needed to safely run beehives in the city.

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