Insect house
Insect house
Insect house
Insect house

Insect house


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Our home for wild pollinators is a sanctuary for solitary bees and bumblebees. The dimensions are approximately 140x50x50 cm. The house provides diverse and suitable habitats for nesting for various bee species, contributing to the support of the local insect biodiversity. It can be placed in gardens, near offices, or in parks. The house is carefully and aesthetically crafted and easy to maintain. The roof is covered with sheet metal to protect the structure from rain. The standard price includes:

  • one painted house with installation,
  • colonization with two selected bee species,
  • photographic documentation from the installation.
The types of habitats used typically include: bumblebee houses, reed and small diameter twigs. Additionally, we use drilled logs with holes, stones, or crushed ceramics, and lightweight clay mixed with sand. Upon request, we can modify the contents of the six habitat compartments. The insect house should be serviced (replace some types of habitats, clean) preferably every year of operation. The service cost is not included in the price, and the typical service cost is 30% of the insect house price. Installation at the customer's location may incur additional charges depending on the location. The preview photos may differ from the actual implementation.
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