Nucleus colony

Nucleus colony


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We invite you to explore our offer of nucleus colonies!

We offer nucleus colonies consisting of 6 frames of Wielkopolski type with a laying queen. All our nucs are composed of 3-4 frames with brood, where at least two frames contain capped brood, and one frame contains younger brood to ensure generational continuity. Additionally, each nuc includes a feeder frame with food.

We also have nucleus colonies on 18 cm Wielkopolski frames available. The nuc consists of 10 frames, containing 5-6 frames of brood at various stages and feeder frames with food. The nucleus colony includes a laying queen. The standard nucs on 18 cm frames can be reduced upon request, and each frame removed reduces the price of the nuc by 25 PLN.

Our nucs are enriched with queens of Carniolan and Caucasian breeds from our own breeding, ensuring their high quality. These queens are carefully selected and raised following the best practices.

We assure you that our nucleus colonies are fully ready for installation and can be used to create new bee colonies.

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We invite you to take advantage of our offer and order nucleus colonies today!

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